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February's Book of the Month: Fifteen

February's Book of the Month: Fifteen

The month that brings anniversaries to the mind has us thinking about a publication from 2017...

Happy February! Now that the holidays have fully, totally, and absolutely been put to rest, it’s finally time to… celebrate another holiday! Great. This one’s a little less obtrusive than the last set we had to deal with, in our honest opinion– Valentine’s Day might be an equally pervasive cultural touchstone here on land, but at least it’s only one day and not, like… Three months? Five years? We’re not quite sure. Our top scientists are still staring at the abacus and reading star-charts to this day on the matter. 


You know what Valentine’s Day brings up memories of? Anniversaries. You know, we’ve had a fair share of anniversaries here at The Pirate Supply Store– both in our personal lives, for better or for worse, and in business! Because of all the anniversaries in the air, we’ve decided to celebrate the concept with our Book of the Month for February: Fifteen! This publication is a celebration of 826 Valencia’s fifteen year anniversary– from 2017, to be clear–, filled with fascinating answers from our community at the time of exactly what fifteen means to each and every one of them. The answers beheld within are insightful, interesting, inventive, and entertaining all the same; if you’re looking for a celebration of anniversaries of any kind, this publication’s sure to scratch that oddly specific itch you’ve got. 


To us – or, rather, to me, the unique individual writing this post, rather than the nebulous royal-we terminology often used to encompass all those under the watchful eye of The Pirate Supply Store –, fifteen reminds me of those fifteen nights I spent washed away on the faraway shores of Ucluelet, British Columbia, laughing over clams with the sea otters and fighting off far, far too many different varieties of porpoise to keep track of. I’d say the trip was a net gain! Better than any memories that Valentine’s Day has for me! 


Check out Fifteen. It’s a great read, especially when you’re stuck in a seal pod three miles off the coast of British Columbia. Tell us what fifteen reminds you of, if you have the time– and, heck, maybe for our thirtieth anniversary, we’ll come back around to survey you all on what thirty means to you! 


Off to go deal with my fifteen marine mammal pen pals, 


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